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My Story

My journey into the world of marketing and design began with a mission: to help therapists and mental health professionals amplify their voices and elevate their digital presence.

As a therapist, I faced the same challenges you do—building a successful practice while effectively reaching and engaging clients. My first hand experience in marketing programs and workshops taught me the power of strategic engagement and authentic communication. I saw how impactful these efforts could be in transforming client interest and boosting participation.

Driven by this insight, I founded YM SolSuite to offer specialized marketing solutions for mental health professionals. My goal is to empower you with a strong brand identity, a compelling online presence, and effective social media strategies. Whether you need a website refresh, brand development, or social media enhancement, I'm here to support you every step of the way.

What I Value

At the core of my work is a deep commitment to creating solutions that are as unique as you. I am all about empowering you to shine in your industry and ensuring that every digital touchpoint is a testament to your quality and dedication. I blend innovation with real-world practicality, crafting solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also user-friendly and impactful.

Who I Help

If you value personalization, eye-catching modern design, and strategic, easy-to-use solutions, I am here for you - the therapists, the life coaches, the entrepreneurs, the professional educators, expert speakers, and every dedicated professional service-based business in between. I understand your unique challenges! It is not just about standing out; it is about being intentional, resonating with people you want to impact, and making your mark in a world of endless scrolls.

What I Do

I specialize in creating thoughtful websites, templates, and strategically designed brands that speak directly to your client's needs, your business aspirations, and your essence. I am focused on making your digital interactions as meaningful and impactful as your in-person ones.

Design is the art of telling a story that creates an emotional connection.

Jeffrey Veen

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