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Brand Design

Designed by a Therapist & Speaker, for Therapists & Speakers: Crafting Brands that Connect.


Establish a distinctive brand identity, including logos, colors, and typography, that leaves a memorable mark on clients or audience

  • Transform Your Practice: Elevate your visibility and credibility with specialized branding services designed for therapists.

  • Stand Out: Distinguish yourself in a crowded market and make a lasting impression.

  • Connect Meaningfully: Attract and engage with your ideal clients and audience.

  • Professional and Unforgettable: Enhance your professional image and become the first choice for potential clients.

  • Tailored for Therapists & Speakers: Our services are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your practice and audience.

    • ​Logo Design

      • Personalized Wordmark Logo with a complimentary basic design element.

      • Includes 2-3 design concepts and up to 2 rounds of revisions.​

    • Brand Color Palette

      • Selection of 4-6 colors that resonate with the target audience and convey the desired emotional tone.

      • Includes color codes for digital and print (RGB, CMYK, Hex).

    • Typography

      • Recommendation of 2-3 typefaces.

      • Guidelines on font sizes and styles for different uses.

    • Email Signature

      • Custom email signature design that includes the logo, name, title, and contact information.​

    • Brand Kit

      • A collection of actual assets (files), such as logos, fonts, and color codes, that can be used to create branded materials. 

    • Two Consultation Calls

      • Includes initial consultation to understand goals and preferences.

      • Final review to ensure satisfaction and discuss application of brand elements.

    • One-Page Brand Style Guide

      • A concise document detailing how to use the logo, color palette, and typography.

    • Starting at $555

    • Additional consultations available for $125

    • Inititial Consultation:

      • Understand one's business and the target clientele in order to effectively begin the brand design process.

    • Design Concepts:

      • Collaborate on brand development, design, and implementation.

    • Consultation Calls:

      • First Call: Discuss initial designs, share progress, and gather your input.
      • ​Final Call: Finalize the designs and discuss how to effectively implement your new brand.

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